Plantation shutters hand manufactured and installed to new and existing windows and doors. Shutters serviced and replacements. Cleaning and overhauling.

Shutter Styles

Plantation shutters come in many different styles. The styles available help you achieve the perfect look for your home be it a modern penthouse or a traditional Victorian home. Each shutter is custom made for the exact fit and also for the very best aesthetics.

Full Height

Full height shutters are shutters which cover the full height of the window. This style offers the maximum privacy and light control combined.

Tier on Tier

Tier on Tier shutters are two sets of shutters on top of the other. This allows both sets of shutters to be operated independently of each other. This style offers the most flexibility.

Cafe Style

Cafe style shutters are shutters that only fit onto the bottom part of the window. This allows privacy on the bottom of the widow.

Shaped shutters

We can custom make wooden shutters to almost any shape. The most popular shaped shutters are, Arched Shutters, Circle or Round Shutters, Triangular Shutters and Angled Shutters. Regardless of what type of shape you have we will make a template of your window to ensure a perfect fit.


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