Our Aluminium windows, doors and Bi folds have a slim, strong aluminium profile. These versatile aluminium doors can be produce both single and double doors, as either front doors, back doors or french patio doors. These all meet with building regulations. Our range of windows, doors and Bi-folds slim sight lines provide maximum glass and light, with minimum frame. They offer value for money, high security and a low threshold option, which also meets part M of the building regulations for wheel chair access. There are many styles and designs, a range of furniture and a choice of RAL colour finishes which means windows and doors can be customised to suit any home.

Do your existing windows and doors have broken or missed double glazing?

When your double glazing has broken down, insulating efficiency is reduced, mist will form and reduce visibility then water droplets form inside the glass pain, finally mineral residue will form. new windows are not required, just to replace the double glazed unit. Double glazing replacement can be carried out on every type of window and doors from aluminium, UPVC and wood.

Do your existing windows and doors require adjustments?

Alignment in doors and windows is a problem. Early signs of an alignment issue include difficulty in opening or closing the windows and doors by becoming hard to lift or push the handle to lock, hitting the top or bottom of the window/door and not opening of closing at all. This may seem like a small issue but may lead to a larger, more costly problem if not repaired.

Experiencing draughty windows or doors?

In windows and doors the hinges and friction stays serve many purposes, including hanging of the windows, supporting the sashes, guiding the sashes towards the frame, making a tight seal, preventing water ingression and drafts seals. Hinges also secure your home along with serving a fire safety purpose. If your hinges are not performing correctly or are failing then it is time to get new hinges installed.


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